• Ziegfeld Girl

    Ziegfeld Girl

    A show-stopping Ziegfeld siren adorned with crystals and feathers. Sneak a peek beneath the luxurious folds of her fantasy robe, and watch her reveal a feast of feathers that inspires the most feverish dance. A highly captivating and stylised fan dance influenced by the 1920s surrealist movement, which makes this masterpiece equally beautiful and bizarre. Permalink: Ziegfeld Girl
  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin, the most influential personality of the silent film era and beyond, is brought back to centre stage. Sharing his love of comedy, Marianne Cheesecake takes the plunge and fuses classic vaudeville humour with burlesque striptease. A visual comedy routine with bawdy provocation, Marianne Cheesecake pulls the biggest stunt by transforming from Charlie Chaplin into a sexy flapper girl. Permalink: Charlie Chaplin
  • Josephine Baker

    Josephine Baker

    Josephine Baker was the first African American woman to become a world-famous entertainer, making her biggest breakthrough in France in the 1920s where she was remembered most for her scandalous banana dance in the early part of her career. Now Marianne Cheesecake recreates Baker's Danse Banane - a primitive dance that is visually erotic filled with wild moves that are undeniably hypnotic. Permalink: Josephine Baker
  • Avon Calling

    Avon Calling

    Ding, dong - Avon calling! A true hallmark of 1950s beauty and fashion, this pictureperfect beautician is the ultimate style icon and the face of her own best-selling perfume collection. With charm and her expertise in fragrances, she can make anyone feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable. Her simple demonstration gets out of control when the seductive scent sends her into a stripping frenzy. Permalink: Avon Calling
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