Marianne Cheesecake

Next up – Bringing the Art of Tease to Warsaw!

I love being able to take my burlesque experiences around the world! The next stop for my new dessert burlesque experience, after the wonderful Chocolate Festival in Brighton, will be at a burlesque & cabaret club called Madame Q in Warsaw, Poland!

About Madame Q

Madame Q is a performance venue, vegan cocktail bar and burlesque academy headed by Warsaw’s top burlesque extraordinaire, Betty Q. Warsaw’s burlesque scene started to bloom in 2010 thanks to Betty Q and her crew who are known for organising the best events, shows, classes and workshops in the city. After generating so much interest and following, they opened their own venue dedicated to fine vintage entertainment where they can showcase the best local and international talent in burlesque and cabaret. They turned their dream into a reality on the 24th November 2017, and since opening this unique venue, their calendar has been bursting with a lot of ‘something for everyone.’

First Impressions of Warsaw

I was lucky enough to travel to Warsaw for the first time in 2013, where I met up with Betty Q. This beautiful local icon shared with me her passion for art, culture and history – and I could tell immediately that she had so many stories which she shared so wonderfully in her performances. I was instantly in love! Both with her great burlesque performances and the flavour of the city. Burlesque had already been established in the city for a few years, and I could see that the thriving local scene was in full effect!

My Shows

Fresh from the showcase at the Chocolate Festival in Brighton, I will be performing my new dessert acts: Chocolate Raspberry and Berrylicious.

In addition to the performance, if you would like to immerse yourself further into the delicious new world of Marianne Cheesecake, I’ll be selling merchandise including signed photographs and bringing over my pop-up pasties stand! If we manage to meet, perhaps you will find a delicious treat to satisfy your burlesque appetite? I hope to meet you in person during the weekend!

I’m happy to be invited as a guest performer to help celebrate their first year anniversary which I’ll be performing in 2 shows (Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th November) and also a workshop (Sunday 25th November).
The workshop is intended for budding burlesque performers and established performers, and will be ‘all about the character’. Check out: “Perfecting Your Burlesque Persona” (2 hour intermediate masterclass)

Further Information

Friday 23rd November

Saturday 24th November

Sunday 25th November
TICKETS: Please contact for tickets:

More from Betty Q:

Main Image: Photography by John Paul Bichard

Taking the Stage at the Brighton Chocolate Festival

I am excited to announce my next performance will be at the upcoming Brighton Chocolate Festival!

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase my new act, and hopefully begin a bold new direction in the world of burlesque.



The main idea for this upcoming show has sprung forth from an exciting artistic collaboration with Nina Marie Shoes, a bespoke shoe artist. I first fell in love with her work at the Chocolate Show in London, in 2017. It was love at first sight, seeing her hyper-realistic scrumptious chocolate shoes, which were shown alongside the fashion designs from Salon du Chocolat.

The idea of a conceptual collaboration between chefs and designers really sparked my creative appetite, and the idea was born to turn these beautiful pieces into performance art! The most sensual blend of dessert and burlesque, mixed together in a fantastic creation.

In a flash, we were communicating and working on a great collaboration.

The first idea came from her famous Death By Chocolate Shoes. I was fortunate to take these shoes on a journey to Eindhoven, NL where I got to shoot with the wonderful and talented, Henny Sep. Our collaboration has evolved and Nina designed a new pair of shoes to go with my new act, “Chocolate Raspberry” – blending hyper-realism with surrealism!



I am performing with Nina’s fabulous new shoe creation (to be revealed at the festival). My costume is equally delicious and designed by Fetish Noir Couture, who specialises in vintage skinwear and burlesque costumes.

It is with this powerful creative team that we will bring to you the perfect vision of “Chocolate Raspberry”; blending haute couture with haute dessert – bringing to life how this tasty treat should make you feel!

Come see my fantastic artistic creation at the upcoming Brighton Chocolate Festival!



This year, the Chocolate Festival is being held in Brighton by Discover Cacao as there is no Chocolate Show in London, so it’s off to the seaside to debut my new act. Brighton is showcasing eye-popping displays, shows, and performances as a part of their festival, and I am honoured to be a part of it, taking my performance from a delicious dream to reality during the festival! This will be a multi-sensory experience you won’t forget!

I’ll be performing “Chocolate Raspberry” on Saturday 13th October 2018 shortly after 3.30pm.


Find out all about the weekend and ticket details HERE:


Hope to see you there!

Marianne Cheesecake has always been known for her old Hollywood style, cheeky humour and entertaining story lines. Inspired by the glamour gods and goddesses from the silver screen, Marianne evokes cinematic memories of a bygone age. Marianne’s love for classical, traditional burlesque will never die, however, something has been calling her to take a brave leap into a new direction.

Stepping into a new era of burlesque entertainment, Marianne Cheesecake is developing a unique brand of acts inspired by desserts.


With a name like ‘Cheesecake’, isn’t it time to experience burlesque entertainment on an immersive and multi-sensory level?

Interested to learn more? Watch this space.

Marianne Cheesecake is modelling for Nina Marie Shoes. Photo by Henny Sep.